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October 04, 2005



You're making me want to watch the show, Mel! Our family has vowed not to get into any evening shows (excetp NFL of course!) because we could easily be watching t.v. every night. I look forward to hearing the updates though!

Miz Booshay

I try to say 'next' like Phil says it, every week.

I too love the highlights!

Phil is from New Zealand, I think, and I knew a girl from there...she said Emma's namme with a long e.

Phil uses a long 'e' when he says next I think.
He is a very nice man, I think. He is married with a family.

Can't wait to see the show tonight!



It's a multi-faceted answer to that question, Melene...

a) No. Because...

b) We didn't watch TV in the U.S. either. A family policy, because we had too many other things to do that took up all our time or we felt were better uses / higher priority for us (reading, playing cards or board games, hiking, sleeping, talking, listening to music, doing email, blogging, computer programming, singing, dancing, baking, tennis, walking, etc.). We also feel there is a lot of stuff on TV that we don't want to see and don't want our kids to see either. Just the mentality from ads is enough to turn us off.

c) Also no because we don't have any TV reception here at all. We've never paid for cable since we've been married, and we didn't want to start now. We don't want to fund TV. I wish we did have reception of local French channels, so that the kids would be exposed to more French at home, since that is how I learned a lot of French, but I also know I saw a lot of bad stuff. So it's good and bad.

d) But if we wanted to, we could get cable that would give us access to both French channels and American cable channels by satellite. I know my brother gets American cable at his house farther north in France.

e) We do watch both French and American movies on DVD or video, but it's an intentional thing, that we do on occasion because we specifically feel like it then, not because it's "on" then. We used netflix.com in the U.S. and now glowria.fr here in France, so we always have something on hand for those moments.

I know this is way more than you wanted to know. And I'm glad you're enjoying this particular program. It sounds interesting. When I was young and I visited my grandmother's in Connecticut for a few weeks in the summertime (when I was living in Switzerland), I used to spend a lot of time watching game shows (I still like them) and series like The Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman, Starsky & Hutch, Charlie's Angels, and Dukes of Hazzard. Now I spend the time tapping away on my computer, between my weblog, other people's weblogs, my email and the rest of the internet. I guess I just changed screens.

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