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January 02, 2008


not-so-deep Denise

I read a book (and saw on 60 Minutes segment) about an Autistic man who sees numbers as pictures. He, too, gives them emotions. Huge numbers will create large landscapes in his mind. He can calculate Pi in his head. He's a millionarie because of his gift - I can't remember his name though. Memory isn't my gift.

So. An affinity for numbers can be a good thing.

We really should meet.....

Patricia Taylor

Greetings from Katherine's mom in VA! I am blessed to be her mom, and thank God for this amazing relationship we have forged through thick and thin. Your posting on numbers is very interesting. I have always been more for letters than numbers, but I was married on the 24th (July, to Katherine's wonderful father, David, also father to her two older brothers...and October, to William, another blessing from God, four years after my husband went Home). My first grandson (Mark) was born on February 13th, a granddaughter (Emily) on March 13th. Also, I was never very good at math! Numbers do have a certain cache, but as a proofreader and editor, I really like letters which can spell wonderful words which delight and inform! Psalm 118:24! Oh Happy Day!

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